We Got Chickens!

I have some exciting news to share! Friday afternoon Cody surprised me with my first little flock of chickens. This has been a long time coming and I am so excited to begin this little journey of raising chicks. For as long as we have been married (three years this November), I have been bugging Cody about having poultry.

unnamed (2)

Cody got our chicks from Tractor Supply during their fall chick days. We got set up with all that we need from a heat lamp, to feed, and pine shavings. Cody found a rubber feed barrel in the barn and it is the perfect spot to keep them the first few weeks! I have been reading as much as I can about caring for baby chicks and it seems relatively simple. Chicks must maintain a temperature of 95 degrees, have plenty of food and water, and be in a safe place.

I am currently looking at designs for my chicken coop on Pinterest. This has been so overwhelming! Did you know that some people wallpaper their coops and add chandeliers?! I was planning on having a simple coop, but now my mind is spinning with ways to make this coop as chic as possible. Right now though I am just focused on getting it built; the decorating will be a fun process I can take my time on.


I am already looking forward to six months from now, harvesting my first eggs. Everyone that I have talked to has let me know that chickens can be quite the addiction once you get them established. Of course I know that they will require some work, but I believe the pay out will be well worth it. I have always imagined my little girl growing up on a farm-this is the start to that little dream.

If you have any tips or coop designs please let me know! I am definitely a newbie to chickens, so I need all the information I can to get off on the right start. Hopefully soon I can blog my chicken coop!

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