My Breast Feeding Essentials

August is National Breast feeding Awareness month so I decided to share some of my favorite products related to nursing! It is finally legal in all 50 states to nurse in public-while that is amazing, I can’t believe that is even a law!

I am currently writing another post talking about my journey to get Josie to breastfeed. It was a difficult journey and I am glad I had these essentials to get me through that tough first month! This is a list of my favorite breast feeding products that I continue to use-and hope you do too!

  • Nursing pillow
    • I had a difficult time getting Josie to latch, and I tried nearly every nursing position. I loved this pillow because it allowed me to be hands-free while nursing. Many times Josie and I would both fall asleep on the couch, and I knew that she was comfortable on this pillow. The shape wraps around you and allows you to get your baby as close as possible!unnamed (6)
  • Mother’s Milk Tea
    • While I was exclusively pumping, there would be times when my supply would drop. I relied on this hot tea to bring my supply back and keep it at a healthy level! It has a distinct taste but after adding honey to it I actually enjoy the taste!unnamed (10)
  • NursElet
    • I found that there was nothing more frustrating than getting a good latch and having your shirt fall on your babies face, only to disrupt her eating. I was constantly tucking my shirt under my chin, and straining my neck. It was uncomfortable to say the least! I love the NursElet because I just wrap it around the area where my shirt is pulled up and it keeps it in place! No more falling on babies face while she is nursing. When you aren’t using it it wraps perfectly around your wrist as a cute bracelet! unnamed (11)
  • Copper Pearl nursing cover
    • I can’t say enough about this product; it is one of my staples in my diaper bag! This company has so many cute designs to choose from. Not only is this a nursing cover but a car seat cover as well! It is a light-weight material and perfect for summer.unnamed (2)
  • Lansinoh pads
    • No explanation here, these are life savers! I chose the throw away pad verses the cloth kind because lets be honest, we all get behind on laundry with a new baby.unnamed (1)
  • Aeroflow Breastpump
    • I either saved the best for last, or I was trying to erase all the hours hooked up to this from my memory! I am so thankful that our insurance allowed us to get this pump while we were still in the hospital. I had no idea I needed a pump, I had no idea how to pump, and I had no idea how glad I was when I could finally feed without with pump!
    • Medela-57018w

Hope this list is helpful!

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