Hello, Fall

There’s something about September that just changes my mood. It may technically still be summer, but September ushers in fall. And fall is my favorite time of year. I’m a sucker for leaves changing colors, crisp morning air, and pumpkins. When fall rolls around every year I am more than ready to break out my sweaters, boots, scarves, and embrace everything that encompasses autumn. To me, this season is like a gift wrapped in a great big bow and everyday I open it a little more and more. I cannot get enough of this season. Perhaps that is why our wedding was filled with pumpkins, pies and apple cider. Even our baby announcement was done with a little pumpkin! I truly believe it is a magical shift every year that happens to the weather, and to our hearts.

Isn’t it true, whether fall is your favorite or not, that when autumn approaches you just feel it? My heart just races when I think about air so crisp I can see my breath in it. Pure magic.

I wish that it would stay the month of October all year long. 

This year I am particularly excited to share in all of the fall excitement with baby Josie. I know that she is too small to truly enjoy a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and matching Halloween outfits, but you can bet she will experience it nonetheless! I’ve already broken out my fall decorations (thank you Hobby Lobby!) and our house is now a maze of different colored pumpkins and fall candles to boot. I even go as far to sprinkle red and gold leaves around the tables to really bring the outside in. Poor Cody does not understand my love affair with the season but just goes along with it. I’ve got a different candle burning in every room, usually some sort of fall dessert in the oven, soup on the burner and blankets piled on the couch. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t.

I am so thankful for new seasons. Just when you think that one season (be it the weather or a season in our lives) has stuck around too long, the wind changes and another season is slowly ushered in. We can always trust that the summer will end; there will be a break in the heat and cooler weather is on it’s way. Sometimes in life it feels like what we are walking through will never end, never change. But take comfort that no season will last forever, change will come, and we will be forced to move on. We can only hope the new season brings us something as good as pumpkin spice and plaid!

Here is a list of some fun fall dates to try!

  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Help at a local fall festival
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Have a scary movie marathon
  • Try out a corn maze
  • Have a picnic with cozy blankets
  • Make hot chocolate in the crock pot
  • Go hunting
  • Have a bonfire with friends
  • Go to a surrounding town’s football game
  • Visit a farmer’s market
  • Go on a hayride
  • Pass out candy to trick-or-treaters
  • Try a new recipe

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