A Look Back at Fall

We are well into the holiday season and I am trying to enjoy the last few months of the year to the fullest extent. With this being a year of ‘first’s’ for Josie, I feel determined to celebrate all that I can. October and November came and went in such a flash that I’m hoping December can slow down just a bit. We enjoyed all things spooky and pumpkin the last several months and Josie got a good taste of Halloween and Thanksgiving. We attended our church’s Fall Festival and Josie went as a little mouse. I could have left her in that costume all month, she was just too adorable! We also enjoyed going to a pumpkin patch! My initial plans were to visit Circle S Corn Maze in Wall, TX, but decided that since Josie couldn’t really appreciate all the pumpkin patch fun, to stick to something smaller. My mom and I found the Sierra Mesa Methodist Church in San Angelo had quite a large patch and plenty of photo opportunities. Josie was all smiles until I put her next to a scarecrow! I would definitely recommend checking them out next year and purchasing your pumpkin from them- their proceeds go to their youth group! unnamed (18)

Thanksgiving came and went so quickly that I didn’t do as much as I had planned. Josie did have some pureed turkey and sweet potato that she ate right up. She enjoyed time with family as well.

unnamed (17)

December has barely begun and I have so many ideas of things to do with Josie. I’m so excited to start traditions with her this year that we will carry over year after year. What are some of your favorite traditions your family does?

*If you LOVE Josie’s rompers (which are so incredibly soft), check out Bows and Blessings Boutique here!

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