Hello 2019!

How is it even possible that it is a new year?! 2018 was a blur looking back, and time seemed to double in speed. I think back to the beginning of 2018 and I was so anxious to get the year started. We welcomed our precious baby girl in March and I think time stopped for us then. Then it started again and went by extremely fast. I look back and think, Cody and I went from being husband and wife, to mom and dad.  I might need to sit down for that one!

Bringing home baby was obviously the highlight of this past year. Josie has brought us so much JOY and I can’t believe we ever lived our lives without this little princess. It is hard to believe she is already over 9 months old and busy as ever. Where is my tiny, squishy baby?

IMG_9710 (1)

Every year has it’s ups and downs, and this year was no different. Unfortunately, Cody and I both walked through loss of family members, and it is always painful to look back on those times. It is an odd thing how death can stop you and slow you down but yet time just keeps on marching.  I’m praying that in 2019 we don’t have to walk down those hard roads.

As we look ahead to the new year and wonder what changes it will bring (nothing can top 2017), I try to picture what it might be like. I wonder if we will take any trips or stay close to home. I know we will have a lot of first’s for Josie, and I know she will bring us even more joy. I’m planning on returning to work and taking Josie to daycare. I really don’t like change, so if things stay the way they are that would be great.

IMG_9718 (1)

Cody and I don’t normally make a New Year’s Resolution, and therefore I never have to worry about keeping it! I do have goals set for this upcoming year, however, and I want to try my hardest to reach them. One goal in particular is to get something published. I think for as long as I can remember I have wanted to write a book. At this point I have no idea what the book will be about! I just know I have a story somewhere inside that needs to come out. Maybe this will be the year.

Whatever the goal, however distant it may seem, I pray that 2019 we keep God at the center of our home, our life, our marriage, etc. We are blessed abundantly and Cody and I could never take the credit for what God is doing in our lives. If 2019 sees us in a cardboard box I know that God is good and we will praise Him on the mountain and in the valley.

I pray that everyone has a safe, blessed, and Happy New Year!

The Weirs

IMG_9753 (1)

Photos by Sara Layne Photography

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