Salt Dough Ornaments

I hope everyone had a great holiday with family and friends! The Christmas season is always so busy and by the time it is over I look back and feel like I didn’t accomplish half of what I wanted to (like Christmas cards!) With it being Josie’s first Christmas it felt so special this year and I knew I wanted to make a keepsake craft with her that we could have for years to come. After searching Pinterest for the perfect craft, I settled with salt dough ornaments. They were so easy to make and fun to give as presents to grandparents!

All you need is some water, salt, flour, a rolling pin and the oven to get started. In a large bowl mix one cup salt, one cup flour, and one half cup of water together. The mixture will be very thick and hard to stir. Be sure to flour the surface very well before rolling out the dough. I was able to make 5 ornaments, although you may make more or less depending on the size you want them.

IMG_1237 (1)

Once you cut them out, take baby’s hand or foot and press into the dough until you have a deep enough print. This can be harder than you think! Josie was done after the first two ornaments, so we had to come back later and finish the others.

IMG_1238 (1)

Don’t forget to cut out a hole for ribbon to tie! I used a straw and it made a perfect circle. After you have that tiny handprint or footprint, stick them in the oven at 200 degrees for a few hours. They will be ready for paint when you pull them out!

IMG_1241 (1)

I bought cheap acrylic paint at Wal Mart and painted them with a sponge brush. After the paint dried I took gold glitter and applied it to the handprint portion of the ornament. I let them dry overnight before tying gold ribbon through the hole at the top.

IMG_1309 (1)

These ornaments were the perfect Christmas craft and gift. I know that we will hang them on our tree for years to come and remember how tiny Josie’s hand was this year. What I love most is how unique each ornament was. Some turned out better than the others, but I loved the ‘homemade’ feel of them. I hope you can make these next year for your tree, or find another reason during the year to make them!

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