Keep Your House Tidy

If you’re anything like me, then you can easily find excuses to put off cleaning. It’s true I would much rather snuggle Josie on the couch than scrub toilets, but I’ve found that there’s nothing worse than a messy house. When the house is messy or cluttered, I feel like I’m also in disarray. While I may not be the world’s best housekeeper, I like to keep my home in a state that if anyone were to just ‘drop by’ I wouldn’t be too terribly embarrassed.

“My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.” Erma Bombeck

Here is a short list of areas in the house to clean everyday to help your weekly deep clean not be so overwhelming.

  1. Make the bed. This one may be obvious but when you’re rushed in the morning it can be easy to leave the bed unmade, after all, you are going to get right back in it tonight. But, just by making the bed your room can seem much more put together, even if the rest of the room is a complete mess.
  2. Clean kitchen counters/dishes in the sink. I am obsessive over washing dishes as soon as I put them in the sink. I can’t start cooking if I have a sink full of dishes or if I have clutter on my countertops. Even if you can’t do the dishes right then, it helps to just rinse them when you put them in the sink. If I know someone is coming over, the first thing I do is always the dishes. There’s just something about a clean kitchen that makes me feel like I have it together.
  3. Pick up clutter. This may feel too broad BUT if you target specific areas it can be easy. For example, Cody seems to take his boots off in the living room and empty his pockets on the coffee table. Just by removing those items from the room it can seem less busy. We also leave our mail on the dining room table, which can get pretty cluttered. I’m currently searching for a cute metal ‘mail box’ that we can hang in the kitchen to keep any paper clutter off the table. We also have a habit of taking off jackets and throwing them on the couch, or leaving blankets left out. Just by picking up these items the living room can feel much more clean-whether you’ve dusted it or not.
  4. Do a load of laundry. Ah, laundry. Whoever can wash, dry, and put away a load in the same day deserves an award. We are only a family of three, so while we aren’t drowning in laundry, it can definitely catch up with me. I find that if I can do a load a day it is much easier than having one or two designated laundry days. I know that doesn’t work for everyone, but having one small pile looming over my head is much better than a whole weeks worth.
  5. Keep the bathroom clean. This is probably the hardest for me. In our new home, we only have one bathroom. That means I have to share my space with my husband. I’ve always had my own bathroom so for the past year and a half I’ve really had to work on sharing and not freaking out about beard shavings in the sink. Our bathroom gets so messy, partly because when Cody comes in from working on the ranch that’s the only bathroom he can use. White bathmats and dirty boots just don’t get along. I can’t mop and wash the bathmats/hand towels every day, so I do my best to change the trash, wipe down the countertops, and keep it smelling fresh either by changing out my scentsy melts or wiping down the toilet and shower with Clorox wipes. Because it is the only bathroom, that means that anyone who comes to visit also has to use it, so I try to keep anything personal hidden as well.

I’m not sure that anyone absolutely loves cleaning. Sure, there are days I can spend the whole day cleaning house and at the end of it feel so satisfied. I have to admit, the house never feels entirely clean until I have at least two candles lit. Any other candle freaks out there?

I’ve discovered that cleaning is really an act of service to my family. And I can choose to do chores with a grateful heart. When our house is clean, it feels calmer. I truly believe that clutter can lead to feelings of chaos. And while I do feel grateful that I’m a SAHM and have the time to clean our house, I know that some moms/wives are so busy it is hard to stay on top of housework. I felt that way last year. I almost broke down and had someone come clean our house before Josie was born. But it was so dirty I felt like I needed to clean before I had someone else come clean. Ever feel that way? Hopefully if you can do these five things every day, maybe even two of these, it will help in making your house feel more tidy.

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” Marie Kondo


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