50 Reasons I Love my Husband

I LOVE the month of February because I love Valentines Day! It may be one of those holidays that most people try to skip over and forget about, and while I am not one that goes over the top, I do enjoy showering those around me with love. I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of why I think being married is so great and why I love my husband!

So whether or not you celebrate Valentines Day, have a significant other, or celebrate Galantines day, I hope February 14th you feel loved and more importantly eat lots of chocolate!


Here is a list of why I love my husband:

  1. He gave me my baby girl
  2. He is always down for ice cream
  3. He lets me put my cold feet on him
  4. We binge watch Netflix together
  5. He loves frozen pizza for dinner
  6. We lets me shoot when we hunt
  7. He takes out the trash
  8. He gave me the most romantic proposal
  9. He is great at his job
  10. He doesn’t say anything when I wear my pj’s all day
  11. He built me the cutest chicken coop
  12. He has big dreams/goals
  13. He makes me laugh
  14. He looks so good in camo
  15. He supports me to be a SAHM
  16. He always drives
  17. He is always surprising me
  18. He doesn’t say anything when I get more chickens
  19. He takes care of my car for me
  20. He prays for me
  21. He makes me a fire when its cold
  22. He orders off the appetizer menu
  23. He changes diapers
  24. He can fix anything
  25. He isn’t afraid to watch a chick-flick
  26. He loves my family
  27. He gives the best gifts
  28. He is a jack of all trades
  29. He lets me change up the house
  30. He asks me for advice
  31. He loves the Lord
  32. He is so funny
  33. He values my opinion
  34. He isn’t scared of hard work
  35. He involves me in decisions
  36. He values whats around him
  37. He can talk to anyone
  38. He leads our family
  39. He stands up for me
  40. He is honest with me
  41. He braids my hair
  42. He is my best friend
  43. He is patient
  44. I can always go to him for advice/help
  45. He is my mathmetician
  46. He sings with me in the truck
  47. He gives forehead kisses
  48. He has a good heart
  49. He wants the best for me
  50. He tells me I’m right


*I can’t believe it has been over three years since we took these photos! Alexi Walker took these for our engagement photos and I’m still in love with them!

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