Valentine’s Day Fun

Celebrating all things PINK and HEARTS today because it is finally Valentine’s Day! If you’ve been reading my previous posts then you know that I LOVE this holiday! It is so fun to spread love, glitter, and chocolates to everyone we know. I truly can’t wait until Josie is old enough to have a little Valentine’s Day box and class parties. If you’re shaking your head thinking ‘just wait,’ believe me I can say that, I’ve been a teacher, I’ve done the parties. I know the chaos, and I also know the excitement on all of the kids faces, reading their little cards. The whole day is just so sweet, and cute. And while I know that Josie won’t be remembering anything from her first V-Day, I wasn’t going to let that stop us from getting in on the fun!

And can you even celebrate a day of love without cookies?! We had so much fun baking these cutout cookies (and eating them!) The secret ingredient that makes these sugar cookies sooo good? Almond extract!


After satisfying our sweet tooth, Josie and I had a fun photoshoot! It can be rather difficult trying to get all the props perfect when you’re doing this solo, so no judging! These certainly aren’t professional, just fun. And what’s cuter than a baby in a basket?!


Ok, Josie was actually over taking pictures before we even started, so I’m lucky I even got these! After taking photos we had one last thing to make- a pie!

This pie honestly took about 10 minutes to throw together! I used heart-shaped cookie cutters for the pie crust and got creative! I used cherry pie filling for the color red.


image_67204609And last but certainly not least, Cody got me my absolute favorite treat, CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES! How can you celebrate today and not sink your teeth into a juicy berry?! You can see the excitement on my face when he handed them to me!


Alright, that is a LOT of love! I think for the rest of the day Josie and I will indulge in all of our sweets, cuddle under our favorite pink blanket, and find a romantic comedy to watch! Happy Valentines Day friends!

xoxo Evin


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