Fun Finds + Olive and Marleys

I am so excited about this week’s blog post! I haven’t ever done a post like this before, and I hope it is something you will enjoy. I’ve really been trying to expand my writing and feature a wider array of topics here on the blog. I was so excited when a local businesswoman agreed to let me feature her shop on the blog!

If you aren’t familiar with Olive ‘N Marleys, it is located in Brady, right on Bridge St. There will you find an array of items from vintage to repurposed. Right down my alley kind of stuff. She has a treasure trove of salvaged pieces, and the way she brings them to life is nothing short of an art in my opinion. She has an eye for bringing pieces together; it is all so aesthetically pleasing!


Norma was so kind to let myself and my friend Melissa wander around with camera and paper in tow. It is one of those places that you can’t just walk through hurriedly, or else you’ll miss something too great buried underneath something! I am thrilled to showcase her little shop and I’m hoping that you will feel inspired or even find something you need!

It all got started as a hobby twenty five years ago, and has since expanded to several different store fronts. The name, unique in itself, comes from the word ‘peace.’ On one spectrum, an olive branch signifies peace, while in contrast, so did Bob Marley. A fun play on words that brings even more whimsy to the store.


Where do you get most of your inspiration from? “A lot of it comes from other stores like mine. Some inspiration from magazine clippings as well.”

You are definitely creative when it comes to furniture and decorating; do you find that creativity spills into other areas of your life? “Yes, I love writing my thoughts down and sketching pictures. I also bake breads and cupcakes along with the changing seasons.”

What is your favorite piece or design element in the store? (This was a hard choice!) “My favorite pieces are anything that have rust or flaky white paint. My favorite spaces to create and design are outdoor areas. I love pieces that have a lot of texture to them as well.”

If you could add one thing to the store what would it be? “A coffee shop.”

I warned Norma if she ever does add a coffee shop to her store, I may never leave! The ambiance is so inviting, that the aroma of coffee would be the icing on top! I think I could sit there all day and write! Add some warm banana bread to that and you’ve got the perfect setting. I think it is just what our little town needs!
52558942_2264621327144250_8202397700017094656_nWhen asked what words she would use to describe her collection, she said upcycled, or repurposed junk. (Not antiques and certainly not shabby chic.) I find that her style is in a category of it’s own, fun and eccentric. In her shop you will find items that are tattered and torn, perfect in their imperfection. Almost everything has a story to tell, of past life and old uses. And that is where her magic touch comes in; bringing it all back to life. She knows that it isn’t everyones cup of tea when it comes to decorating, but to those who share a similar vision, her store is full of great finds!


If you haven’t ever stopped by Olive and Marleys, change that as soon as possible! I believe there is something for everyone inside, and who knows, you may just fall in love with all of it!

Thank you again so much Norma for letting me stop by! Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us; it is inspiring and uplifting!

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