Turn Out the Light

It’s late night when I’m rocking Josie to sleep or mindlessly scrolling through my phone riding in the car, while watching tv, before bed…that I feel this unnecessary weight on my shoulders. I have subconsciously compared myself and what I have to everyone on my feed. Their perfectly posed photos compared to my messy day. What they’ve shared of their surface level life compared to my real life. I know I’ve silently judged myself but yet I sit and keep scrolling. I finally decide to physically put my phone down. I close my eyes and just say God, this is what you’ve given me. This is where I am. And it’s good enough for me.

At night, it is so easy to let the last thing we see or read be someone else’s good or bad day. But I’m choosing to let the last thing I read be scripture. I have to admit it is tempting to check the social one more time before I turn it off. Did I miss something? Did someone leave me a comment? It can become addictive, and for that I’m trying to discipline myself out of the habit of looking at my phone.

This need to be plugged in to everyone is sucking the life out of me. But God is quietly begging me to plug into Him because He has all the life to give. 

He desires me to live my life in abundance, not comparison. In thankfulness, not envy. He promises to be the well I can drink from and never thirst again! When I am constantly scrolling through social media I am continuously feeding my head and heart information that isn’t valuable or truth for me. I was curious to see how many people I was following on social media, so I went to all my icons and added up the total under following. One thousand, seven hundred and ninety six people. That is the number of people I am letting speak to me every day about their own life, which I ultimately compare against mine. Nearly two thousand people! When you put it into perspective, it seems a little ridiculous.

Is social media evil? No. In fact it has brought me some of my closest friends! But we all have moments, or seasons, where we let it begin to run our lives. So what can we do when we feel like these little icons on our screen are causing stress in our lives? Unfollow people. Maybe they aren’t bad people! But they’re causing you to look at their life and feel less than about yours. You don’t have their experiences, opportunities, or strengths. You only have yours. And we cannot compare our journey with someone’s that we haven’t even met. Take a break. Log out, log off, and tune into Jesus. Sometimes we just need to put our phones down and live our life enjoying what is right in front of us, instead of what is on a screen. Spend time in the Word. His words are the only words I need. I could read hundreds of self-help blogs, search hashtags, or spend a day creating the perfect tag line. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t line up with the Gospel.

Maybe you also feel discouraged by social media right now. The chances are, we are letting it dictate our emotions and we need to take back control. Consider doing what I do; reading scripture before bed instead of scrolling through our feed. You could even switch it up and read scripture right as you wake up in the morning, instead of checking notifications. It could be, God is sending you more red exclamations to check than any other media outlet. I certainly want to check in with God more than I do my followers.

If you feel weighed down by social media, then check out the Daily Grace Podcast! Episode 12, Social Media & The Gospel is a great resource to help you take back your social media usage!


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