My Summer To-Do List

If you’re like me, then you have a to-do list stashed in the back of a notebook or drawer of things you need to do but never get around to. I’m not talking about taking out the trash, but tasks that seem more like projects. These are the kinds of things we think, I want to do this but it will take a significant amount of my time. Well friend, summer is the perfect time to do just that! So here is list of some of those tasks I have on my own list. Hopefully this will inspire you to check some of these off your list, or even create your own!

  1. Clean out those closets! And drawers, and anything else that takes up unnecessary space…We all have that one drawer, that one closet that we just pile and jam things into. Now is the time to clean it out! I’m literally walking around the house with a giant trashcan; if it’s broken or I have no idea what it is, I’m tossing it! A lot of us got caught up in the Kon Marie Method, but that isn’t what I’m doing here. A screw driver does not *spark joy for me, but I still need it easily accessible. For now, I’m talking about those bathroom cabinets that has lotion from years ago stashed in the back. It’s time to toss it friend!
  2. Get rid of clothes! I may be the only one who finds joy in pulling everything out of my closet and getting rid of items in bulk, but it is so gratifying to get rid of the excess. If you don’t wear it anymore, and especially if it doesn’t fit, it needs to go.
  3. Print photos and make photo albums! I have a confession; I don’t have one single printed photo since Cody and I got married besides 4 in small frames around the house. ALL of my photos are in my phone(s) and online. And y’all, that is a scary thing! If something were to happen (lets pray it doesn’t) and I could no longer access social media, I would have nothing. So, it is my goal to start printing photos! Obviously I can’t print hundreds off at a time, so I’m going to start with Engagement photos, wedding photos, maternity, etc. to make it not so daunting. If you are like me, which lets be honest you probably aren’t, then you need to print photos pronto!
  4. File paperwork! This one is making me cringe. Cody and I have papers all around our house, and the clutter drives me crazy. When we get our mail I automatically sort what is trash, needs to be taken care of right now, and anything that is important. But, what actually happens to those papers that we need to keep? They end up on our dining room table, on the living room side table, and everywhere else. I can’t stand the papers! We don’t have a desk in our house (something else that drives me crazy) so I’m looking at different filing systems that can work for us. This is going to be an extremely tedious task but it HAS to be done. Sorting papers, here I come!
  5. Clean out flowerbeds/backyard! I normally wouldn’t do this in the summer due to snakes and the heat, but I have put it off, and put it off and now I just can’t stand it anymore. Our flowerbeds around our house are out of control. To be honest I’m not even sure what kind of plants/weeds are growing in them, but they are not appealing to look at and lets be honest, a great place for snakes to hide! I’ve recently re-done our back porch and I’m trying (ever so slowly) to make our outside a space we love! I look at our flowerbeds and feel like it is such a daunting task, but I’m going to tackle it in pieces. I know the end result will make it all so worth it.

Alright friends, if I accomplish all of these this summer, then I will certainly be busy! It is so easy to put off tasks like this, but before we know it, another year has gone by and we still haven’t accomplished it. I am so bad about doing this, and I’ve made it a personal goal (especially now that I’m a SAHM) to be more proactive, keep busy, and take care of things when they need to be! I value our home, and I’m realizing that taking care of it is more than just keeping what is seen look good; what is behind those closet doors matter too!

Is there something on your summer to-do list that is equally important? Let me know in the comment section!

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