Sweet As A Peach!


March has been such a FUN and BUSY month for us! Josie Lynn turned the big ONE at the end of the month, and I also have four girlfriends who celebrate their birthday this month. That calls for a lot of cake!

I truly cannot believe that one year has come so fast. She has gotten so big and is so smart! I wanted to celebrate her in the biggest and best way, so for her first birthday party I knew I wanted to do something different, fun, and altogether sweet! I started planning her party when she was five months y’all. I got on Pinterest and looked up every little girl party theme there was. All I found was donuts, unicorns and mermaids. All cute, but overdone. I wanted something unique and sweet! When I found the peach theme I knew it was just right. So today on the blog I’m sharing all of the party details and planning preparation.


Luckily, we had some of the party d├ęcor already on hand! Some of it was repurposed from my bridal shower, wedding, and baby shower. Saving mason jars and table cloths really helped!

The sweets stole the show at Josie’s party! I contacted someone local to do her cake, cookies and cupcakes, and they turned out phenomenal. Maxine took my vision and created it perfectly! The cake was almond vanilla with buttercream icing and raspberry compote. Yummmm! Josie’s smash cake fit perfectly on my Pioneer Woman cake stand, which just happened to be the perfect color as well!


The cookies were absolutely amazing, and too pretty to eat! It didn’t take long, however, before they were gone!


After choosing this theme, I realized how difficult it was to find anything the color peach. I quickly realized that even though peaches were the heart of the theme, I would need another central color. Luckily Hobby Lobby had a whole mint colored party section, and the two colors blended so well together. Most of my partyware is from HB, and they had more than enough.

55591734_279635879597288_7140298518744268800_nWe made the centerpieces from flowers found at Hobby Lobby, as well as small mint buckets. The doilies were spray pained a coral color and turned out great! I made the confetti from cardstock I found at Michaels. It was a little time consuming punching out the confetti but added a nice touch to the tables.

We served sweet tea as well as a homemade peach punch. We had the galvanized canister already and it worked perfectly! (You can find these at Wal Mart!) We used the mason jars from my wedding and tied a small peach ribbon around the rim. Again, a little time consuming but added such a sweet touch!

I found a cute idea to display pictures on a ladder on Pinterest and knew I wanted to use that idea. I was terrible at taking consistent monthly photos on that cute numbered blanket, so I opted for her cutest photos over the year. The ladder we used at my wedding so we already had it on hand. My friend Jessica decorated it so beautifully with ivy, twine, and felt flowers found at Wal Mart.
55869298_661192931003054_6717096901235179520_nOverall, the party was more than I expected! We had such a wonderful turnout and Josie was blessed by so many gifts. I am so thankful to all who came and all who helped! I am much better at the planning part rather than execution. Cody was busy blowing up balloons and setting up tables/chairs. Everyone was so helpful!

Josie didn’t dig into her smash cake, but she did lick some of the icing off of her fingers. It was such a sweet moment singing Happy Birthday to her and blowing out her candle. The little peach on top of her cake was made out of fondant and so so cute!

55632773_445756769300942_6905955525297438720_nI’m already anticipating Josie’s second birthday party, but I guess for now I’ll enjoy the success of her first birthday and the sweetest sugars from my little peach!